Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When Rates Caps Aren't Enough in 2010

The 2010 general rate increase will impact your business in more ways than one. Don't let 2010 be another year when the carriers raise your base rates well over 5% and also increase the surcharges that will ultimately drive up your overall cost of doing business. For example, the FedEx accessible dangerous goods surcharge will increase over 9% going from $65 to $70. Another example is the FedEx Express oversize charge increasing by 9% from $45 to $50 per package. We are all experiencing one of the most challenging economic environments in recent history and the road ahead is treacherous at best. PA & Associates is poised to take your carrier negotiations to a new level with a financial model that has produced an industry leading 42% average savings for our clients. Our value stems from over 18 years of logistics and financial expertise and a team of logistics professionals that deliver quantifiable results.

PA & Associates understands your desire to elevate your ROA (return on assets) and effectively streamline your supply chain. We provide solutions and deliver financial results. Call PA & Associates today at 1-866-200-SAVE to discuss your potential for savings!

Contributors: Steve Syverson, Clorisee Canada, Scott Guldin

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